Hitz & Holiday – Lost Children


Roxbury, MA  natives  Hitz & Holiday releases there new mixtape Lost Children.The Project  Ft.  21 Hard Hitting  Tracks  From  Various Producers  its rare in this day & age  that you  get two quality Mcs  who can actully rap so take a ride  with  Hitz & Holiday as they give you clever rhyme Schemes,  Hood Tales & more    download  Lost Children  out now.  
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Talen Ted – Intrumentals

talen ted

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Hip-hop producer Talen Ted releases his new instrumental album. This time around he brings a “lo-fi” sound to the your speakers. Very different from the music he has produced for Joe Budden, Ryshon Jones and Logic.

Writegroove – NvrGoes


Here is an amazing track from the newest member of the Legends Gang family: WriteGroove. While he is young, he spits with the wisdom and of a man 10 years his senior and yet still has the realness and authenticity of his peers. This type of raw connectable realism can be connected to some of the greats such as J Cole. The beat is nice and fresh but what makes this track special is the message. Rather than explain in detail, take a few minutes and check it out. Afterwards, hopefully you’ll reflect on how you perceive your feelings during a similar time. You’ll see he’s just like you.

Shizzie – Est 1991 (Video)

Roxbury representative Shizzie re-introduces himself and delivers the first single from his upcoming album, Est. 1991. The title track brings you through some of the rapper’s experiences growing up in the inner city. The release marks a fresh start for the emcee’s career as he begins to work with a new team that is destined to spread his words and newly found sound.


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Revalation – All You Know



Last week, Ambrosia For Heads (website) posted producer Apollo Brown’s “Cigarette Burns” instrumental EP and mentioned that if anyone spit to any of the beats they’d be interested in hearing the result. So Mass rhyme slayer, Revalation, took them up on that and dissected major labels robbing artists & people over supporting artists pushed by the machine.

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Chris Morris x Talen Ted – What Is Love

1455932_1433039173577590_260793488_n (1)


Here’s a great track from Talen Ted and Chris Morris produced by Freddie Joachim. The two men under the label “Legends Gang” trade bars attempting to figure out the answer to the age-old question of “what is love?”. This isn’t a “hey girl I’ll show you love” track, this is wisdom in the eyes of men who’s experiences have laced their lyrics with truth and that truth will hopefully point them in the right direction. The beat is nice and laid-back, perfect for flowing. A throwback to the days of hip-hop from an era before today but what makes it unique is the new energy and feel over the track. Take note of this and pay attention. Hopefully it’ll give you insight as well.