Configa Presents – Calm Before The Storm

This time around I’m taking a stab at an incredible “mixtape” out of the United Kingdom from Configa Beats called “Calm Before The Storm”.  The word mixtape is in quotations because in my opinion after listening to this a couple of times, “Calm Before The Storm” is album quality music in every way possible. The beats take me back to the ninety’s, remembering walking home from high school with my walkman on listening to Nas and Wu-Tang. Even a little bit of west coast influence can be heard in some of the beats. Real head nod type shit…
The rhymes are brought to us by a cast of various MC’s from all across the globe and not one of them disappoints. Whether it’s “Same Bullshit” ft Nut Kaze, which tells us about what is wrong with hip hop today and the way it should be, or “Make It” ft Fatale, where she tells her story over an almost house party ready type beat, this mixtape delivers. For a guy from the UK after listening to this mixtape you would think he grew up in Harlem rocking Timbs and Kangols and tagging bodega walls in back alleys. This my friends is classic hip hop! This is why I listen!

If you’re interested in checking out this masterpiece for yourself  you can find it on his website:

It’s also available for purchase at the following links:

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