Soulja Boy (S. Beezy) – Supreme

Here we go and this time I can’t be nice. I’m just gonna get right into it… WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS DUDE THINKIN ABOUT? I don’t know how many of you heard about the diss on the last mixtape that he dropped aimed at the troops. Well I never liked him to begin with but I personally think he should have lost any recording rights he had. These guys are over there in Afghanistan and Pakistan and what not protecting the american public and he takes a shot at them? Why? Let’s not get too far off topic here… this is a review of “Supreme” the newest addition to his pile of shit he calls music.

       It honestly is too hard to listen to this thing in depth to do a track for track break down so I’m just going to give a quick summary of the mixtape. Soulja boy has some of the worst lyrics and rhymes that I have ever heard. Who the hell has “swag like a video game”? And if you are really ballin like you say you are why are you writing songs about “Nintendo 64” and how many games you have for the thing?! The fuckin system is fifteen years old at least!! Get with the times man! You know… PS3…. Wii… Xbox 360!! What? Your rhymes are too wack to sell records so you can afford to buy a new console? I’m not surprised!
     Another thing… You know when you can tell that you can’t rhyme? When you rhyme “Girl” with “Girl”. There are soooo many words in the English language that rhyme with “girl” and this fool can’t even think of one… not even if he looked in a rhyming dictionary… maybe he can’t read!? Maybe if he got his ass off the couch and put down the video games and picked up a book he wouldn’t sound like such a stupid prick when he was trying to rap. I mean seriously 4 songs on here are about video games!! REALLY? No i mean FRICKEN REALLY??
      Well atleast he didn’t waste any money on any GOOD producers… all the beats are complete and total garbage. A prime example of how terrible the beats and rhymes and well,  everything else about this mixtape are can be  heard on the track titled … you’ll never guess… “Video Game Music”. This dude is just talking over an annoying beeping sound with a looped click high hat in the background. Then theres a track called “Wanna 69” on which he is asking a “shorty” if they wanna 69 with him… did he rush through making this mixtape or is he really this horrible?

Well I think you get the point… I don’t like this mixtape. Fuck it. I don’t like Soula Boy. I can’t understand where the money comes from that funds these bullshit mixtape projects when there are plenty of talented artists out there that would pretty much do anything for a shot at the limelight. Anybody who actually likes this mixtape, well, you have something seriously wrong with your hearing…don’t blame it on me when you end up with brain damage. I warned you.
Listen and Download Here

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