Done Clinic Interview

It’s your boy Nate and I’m here in the lab for an exclusive interview with everybody’s favorite MC Sicarii of ‘Done Clinic! He’s here today to talk to us about the upcoming release of the ‘Done Clinics’ new album “Legal Dope” and one of his solo project’s as well. Let’s see what he has to say.

TLDS: So whats the album going to be called and when is it going to be released?

Sicarii: The album is called “Legal Dope” and it’s scheduled to be released on November 7th 2011.

TLDS: And what’s going to be the first official single off the album?

Sicarii: The first single is gonna be “Mission Impossible/ Planet Methadone” with a bonus cut probably too. We’re taking it back to when singles were poppin. We just wanna put our best foot forward. We wanted to put out some real hip hop shit after “Charlie Sheen” leaked. It’s a live show banger. “Planet Methadone” , produced by E One, is a west murda 413 anthem track, we just talkin about where we come from and how we came up. Real vintage feel to the record. “Mission Impossible”is also the return of BJ Pen, my secret weapon, to the fold. He stepped out, but he is back with the clinic now. He is vicious.

TLDS: What was the motivation behind the album?

Sicarii: Just coming together on some crew shit. I had got some success with my solo stuff, and I wanted to share that with my boys. Above anything I just wanted to work on music as a group again in some form. I created DC in like ’08 so we just got the homies together and got on some beats. It’s very natural for me and Bishop to work, and Legacy took his bars to the next level, my suicide dudes hopped on a few songs, and like I said BJ Pen came back in to the fold, and he is like my favorite local MC so he just made it official. All very organic, how it came together.

TLDS: So when can we expect the first single to be droppin?

Sicarii: The first single is coming the first week in October, about a month before the album and “Charlie Sheen” is out there burning right now.

TLDS: How many singles will you be releasing from legal dope?

Sicarii: Not too many. We’ll probably leak one more song after the single and then just focus on the full length tape. It’s 16 songs so if we drop 4 for promo that’s like a quarter of the album. The key is to get different people excited and buzzing with each single or leak. I’ve got a monster solo record coming this winter too, so we’re gonna be everywhere in one form or another.

TLDS: What kind of music can we expect from “Legal Dope”?

Sicarii: Really it’s the entire spectrum of hip hop. It’s not a Sicarii project, not a Bishop project. It’s something else. The return of group chemistry. There’s hard stuff, street stuff, new school stuff like “Charlie Sheen”, underground records and lots of concepts and themes. It’s organinc authentic music. We are all so eclectic with our tastes and influences and its the first project that we got a bunch of other producers for, so it sounds different but balanced.

TLDS: Who are some of the producers you enjoy working with the most?

Sicarii: Well in all the years I’ve been in the game, almost a decade, I have worked with some amazing talent that have gone on to do great things, like my man, Young Cee. But currently, I’m really feeling E One, Pen Pointz from Canada, Face and Pops (my DCSKOR squad), Quest and Cris Beatz from 3d my homies. All on the Clinic tape. I produce all my solo Sicarii albums now, under the guise, “Ice Grill”. I would love to work with Staik Selektah one day too.
       I would also like to mention my brothers Frank White, who did a beat, and Lord K who did beats on my solo debut and SK stuff. They’re in different solar systems right now but they make dope beats too. Also my man Dr. O a.k.a. Mario, his son produces. I got a track over his beat that I’m working on, he is young as shit but on the right track. Lots of talent in West Murda and we showing that first and foremost.

TLDS: Well speaking of “DCSKOR”… tell the people what that stands for and what it means to you as well as who’s in the group?

Sicarii:  “DCSKOR” is like the country or empire and we’ve got different governments but just like the illumintai we’ve got one goal and that’s a new world order. “DC” is obviously my west murda brothers and CT  Boston brothers. Done Clinic, and that’s myself, Bishop, Legacy, and BJ Pen. That’s a democracy. SK is Suicide Kings and that’s myself, Bishop, Poppa Bear, and Joe Young. That’s like United Nations… A Supergroup. We may never drop an album. FMG (FACEMEETSGRILL) is one arm of that.OR is Organized Rhyme, and that’s what we do. This thing of ours. Take that approach and apply it to music. That’s my family, my friends, and my colleaugues. So much talent. I’m like an aristocrat of this rap shit so I’m cool with a lot of people.

TLDS: OK now can you tell me a little bit about YOUR upcoming project since we know people wanna know what’s up with that… when is it dropping?

Sicarii: Yeah Man! “Tomorrow Is A Lie” that’s the title. It’s my 3rd official solla album. We wanted to do the DC tape for summer but it took a while to get that together so I pushed mine back a little to really do it right. And it’s a monster so we really wanna do it as big as possible. I love the record, it’s my best yet but I guess everything new is better and better if you’re  a progressive artist like I am. It’s very artistic, very ambitous, and very raw. I’m calling it my east coast classic album. The sound is very east coast and vintage and still progressive. I’m writing better songs than ever. The album is rugged too. Lots of beautiful stuff and lots of grimy stuff. It’s Sicarii. It’s the end of the trilogy that began with “Before I Sleep” and it’s a great ending. Heavy east coast sound but also with current production shit. My next album won’t be like that so much. I try to have each album sound different. I can’t make the same shit over and over.

TLDS: So is there an exact date?

Sicarii: Shooting for January. Its a cold album. Most of mine are. We’ve got to get a few business things in place before hand, but January for now. But definitely while there’e snow on the ground. I love the snow, the cold. I’m not a summer artist typically. But who knows, the next album might be summer as fuck.

TLDS: What about the features? Any you can expose from either album?

Sicarii: The “Legal Dope” album is pretty much all crew with the exception of the production. But on my record I’ve got everyone poppin here. Trouble T, Frank White, Rockoleone, Vorheez from “The Problemaddicts”, that’s my dude, and a bunch more. We’re gonna see what makes it on there… There’e a couple real crazy posse cuts, one with some one I am really, really excited about, but more will be revealed…

Well there you have it from the man himself, Sicarii! Look out for that “Legal Dope” coming early November and stick with us here at The Legal Dope Spot for all the singles and leaks because you know we get ’em first!! For now, I’m your boy Nate saying thanks for coming through to read this and we’ll see you again real soon.

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