Configa Leading The Way In The UK

First up we got some major heat from Configa featuring one of the United Kingdoms’ shining stars Jaz Kahina. This is the first single off the classic mixtape “Calm Before The Storm” which I reviewed last month, and if you read the review you’ll recall that I loved it! Make sure you hit up the video link and if you like the track as much as I do, head over to itunes and buy the mixtape. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!!

Next up, we’ve got the legendary Respect Tha God. Who, you ask?! Well you’re only gonna be asking that for a little while longer because this guy is on the rise. Respect has released 8 mixtapes in the past 3 years and distributed a total of 50,000+ cd’s and mp3’s worldwide.
Well, it just so happens that Respect has a new single out and I’ve got it right here for you to hear. The track is called “OooKay” and man is it a banger. This song really showcases his mic presence and personality.
Click the play button to the left to play the track!

Configa can easily be reached by any of the following methods:

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