Behind The Scene: "Born To Use Mikes" Video Shoot

Being that this is Sicarii’s first official video, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at what it was like behind the camera at the shoot. Sic had picked several different locations for the shoot but with last Wednesday being the first day of shooting and us having only a few hours to work with, we only got to shoot at two of the locations. One of which was the Springfield Cemetery. We found some great imagery for the video and even bumped into some wonderful gentlemen who actually let us use their hearse to shoot some scenes in. Most people might be creeped out at the thought of sitting in a hearse, but not my boy Sic. He jumped at the chance…

We also shot a couple scenes in front of a rather eerie looking underground vault. This added a certain amount of darkness to the video and really brought out some of the nuances of the track. The video is Sicarii’s video, but he got his team behind him in this one, with the likes of Legacy(right) and Slang(left) as well as myself, Bishop and BJ Pen who will all be in other scenes of the video.

 This video is produced and directed by Shawn Bakowski, who can be seen below doing what he does best.

We also filmed a couple scenes under the south end bridge in Springfield and at the Springfield Yacht Club in Agawam.

All of the pictures featured in this post were taken by myself. All of the actual video footage was taken by Shawn. The video is far from completed but is scheduled to be released before the end of the year. Look out for the video right here on The Legal Dope Spot. and don’t forget “Tomorrow Is A Lie” coming early 2012.

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