Configa ft. John Graham – Back 2 Basics

Welcome back everybody!! This time I bring to you the newest release from Configa and John Graham entitled “Back 2 Basics”. This track addresses the state of the rap game today and the way things have changed for the bad since hip-hop started back in the 1970’s. Configas’ beat sets the stage, taking us back to the days of shell toes and Swatch watches. The video itself, which is directed by Nick Light, takes us on a voyage around New York City including a stop in The Bronx and the place DJ Kool Herc used to call home. Everything about this track, both audio and video-wise is authentic and organic hip-hop at it’s best.
If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to hit up the links after video to purchase the mixtape and be sure to peep the video while you’re here.

Get the mixtape here!


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