The Rundown – Behind The Scenes with Sicarii

I’m back on my interview flow with Sicarii and this time we’re talkin about the upcoming project “Tomorrow Is A Lie”, from release dates to features. I tried to cover everything with Sic but I encourage you to drop your questions to Sicarii in the comments. Also don’t forget to continue scrolling down after reading the interview and download the new track. Its certified heat!

1. How would you define this album?
    Well, this is my 3rd official album that I put out, and probably around the 10th or 11th that I have made, so I’m getting pretty good at this. This album is the most realistic, “Before I Sleep and “The Awakening” are both great records, but one is too drugged out and the other is too clean. This one is right in the middle. It represents my life now. When I went solo, first sat and thought “oh shit, kin dread is done, frank [white] is popping, I wanna do this solo shit” I had already been recording solo songs and albums for several years, but never put them out. I said, “I wanna put my life in the music, tell my story”. But at that time my life wasn’t much more than needles, allah and a mic, so that wouldn’t have made for a great listen, so I decided to dillute it down to 3 albums, life stories and experiences splashed in there with rah rah hip-hop songs, punchline shit, etc. Well “Tomorrow Is A Lie” is the end of that trilogy. Sonically, I’m calling this my “east-coast classic”, not just cuz of the beats, but the overal aesthetic: it’s rugged, it’s raw, it’s fucking banging. All the amazing records I grew up on (36 Chambers, Hell on Earth, Dah Shinin, Liquid Swords, Cuban Linx) this is kinda my S.I.C. classic record. Next one will be a little different. 

2. Who is featured?
     I’m on it. Me. And some of my friends. Nah, i got a lot of the best of the best from our area on here. Rockoleone from Hartford, Frank White, Trouble T, crazy white boy from the Field, Big Bishop, Joe Young my Suicide dudes, Dia Diesel from Bad for Business/CT, Tableek from MassPyke, Vorheez from the Problemaddicts, Tame-One from The Artifacts/Weathermen, and should have Blacastan on there too. We trying to bang it out, waiting on a couple people too, so it could be more.

3. Who were you most excited to work with?
    Everyone! I love working with dudes, similar minded generals and shit. Back in the day, we would just have our inside circle on shit, but I like to keep my tounge sharp and rhyme with the best. I look at everyone equal, we all mc’s. My favorite moment would have to be doing “Mirrors” with Krumb Snatcha for DREAMS/The Awakening. That was my first time working with a legend in the flesh, drinking 40s, playing beats, and he wasn’t suppose to get on that. I wanted him on “Penmanship” which we did later, but he heard that old beat, in the stash for atleast 5 years, and we dusted it off, laced it up and made it a classic. People love that song. When I first mixed it, I choked up, real shit, I love this hip-hop. 

4. How close is TIAL to being completed?
    Shit, it’s entirely recorded. Waiting on some bars, but all my shit is layed down. Beats are mixed pretty well too, and the overall songs are like almost at the half point as far as mixing. That’s pretty in depth. I’m making incredible records from here on out. 

5. When are you expecting to release?
    That’s the magic question. Soon. Very soon. I wanted to have it out by now. I wanted to drop it at the beginning of winter, cuz it sounds cold to me. BUT, in hip-hop things happen, so i would say at the absolute latest?!? MAY 1st. But when you hear the record, you will understand. I put so much work in, behind the scenes to make my music sound and feel like it does. We had a situation for the album, a platform, but it kinda turned out on some other shit, but I dont give a fuck, I’ll just put it out again. I got songs and songs for days to fucking decades. I can drop this, at the level i’m at, and in 10 months drop another crazy solo album at that plateau. I’m not scared of making great music.

6. How do you pick your samples?
    Well, really they pick me. Haha, RZA said in WU-TANG MANUAL that before
all his equipment, the first sampler he ever had was in his head. That’s 100% true, the ideas never stop. I make lists, i write everything down, i got papers and notes everywhere, i got whole notebooks filled up not with rhymes, with mix notes and methods and ideas. But really I’m always listening to anything in terms of using it. Allah sends the samples to me, then I send them back to him in song form. Every song has its own destiny too. Some are only beats, some end up on the cutting room floor. But they still music, s
so it’s beautiful. 

7. Whats the next single?
    The next single is a joint called “Da Arkitect”, i was mixing the vocals the other day, and fucking wilin out. This song is gonna crucify the club, the stage. We hopefully shooting a video for it (Question 8) and I’m definently adding it to the set list in March so come out to a show and experience it. We got some big shows coming up too. Song is raw, beat is crazy, almost sounds Irish to me, and on the next next album I will be incorporating some Irish stuff, to show my culture. But it’s tailor made for live underground hip-hop shows, when you dusted and ready to body the set. I want the video to have the same intensity.

9. What’s the response to “Born To Use Mikes” been like?
    Good. I love that song too. That’s more boom-bap, head nod shit, but that still gets the show pumping too. I usually can only get thru 2 verses of it. The video was just some street shit, some Smack DVD style shit, because every rapper has like 468 videos of themsevles and I had none lol. So I was like, yo we need something. I think we killed it too with the herses and the bridge shot on the Agawam side. The next video will be more official, but fuck it, look at “Protect Ya Neck” or the first “M.E.T.H.O.D. Man” video, those were low budget too. But if the song is crazy, its crazy. And “Born To Use Mikes” is crazy, everyone loving it, it’s the first actual song on the album sequence, with a different sample at the end, the song is fluid. 

10. Do You Have a favorite track?
    That’s too hard. It changes everyday. But RIGHT NOW!!! I’m loving this song “UNBREAKABLE” with Rockoleone and Joe Young, it’s another stage crusher, can’t wait to rock CT with this. Real obscure samples, drums hard as granite and snapping, fast paced joint, everyone killing it, crazy wet adlibs yelling and shit. We love that. 

11. Any guest producers?
    No. I had some on “Before I Sleep” but the last 2 been all ME. And the next one will be too. I really really wanna do a mixtape over all other producers beats, cuz I get sent some real dope ones…PRODUCERS!! STILL SEND ME CRAZY BEATS!! JUST DON’T EXPECT TO GET ON A SICARII ALBUM YET!! Maybe once I’m like at Kanye West status and I can have orchestras and film score people make my shit, but for now, on Sicarii albums, it’s all Sicarii beats. Oh, and ICE GRILL IS SICARII. SICARII IS ICE GRILL. SICARII = RHYMES. ICE GRILL = BEATS. MICHAEL = MONEY!

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