Sicarii – Tomorrow Is A Lie Tracklist

Comin at you on April 9th, Sicarii presents “Tomorrow Is A Lie”. His third effort in the rap game and what promises to be the best yet. This album features guest appearances from the likes of Tame One of The Artifacts, Vorheez of The Problemaddicts, Bishop and Joe Young of The Suicide Kingz, as well as Blacastan, Trouble T, and Dia Diesel of Bad For Business.
Below, as a little bit of a teaser, you can find the tracklist.
1. Born To Use Mikes
2. Armor Of God feat. Bishop
3. Da Arkitect
4. Let Me Tell You Something
5. Homicide feat. Vorheez (of the Problemaddicts) & Tame-One / Michael (Interlude)
6. Trial By Fire
7. Hands In The Sky feat. Trouble T
8. S.O.N.S.
9. Unbreakable feat. Joe Young & Rockoleone
10. Hopesick
11. Angels & Demons
12. Dead Rabbits feat. Dia Diesel & Legendary Axe (of Masstapeace)
13. insanity
14. Always / His Life (Interlude)
15. Fear No Man (But Allah) feat. Tableek (of Maspyke), Frank White & Blacastan
Bonus Track (Purchase Only): Hero vs. Villain

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