Sicarii – Tomorrow Is A Lie (Album)

1. Born To Use Mikes
2. Armor Of God feat. Bishop 
3. Da Arkitect
4. Let Me Tell You Something
5. Homicide feat. Vorheez (of the Problemaddicts) & Tame-One / Michael (Interlude) 
6. Trial By Fire 
7. Hands In The Sky feat. Trouble T 
8. S.O.N.S. 
9. Unbreakable feat. Joe Young & Rockoleone 
10. Hopesick 
11. Angels & Demons 
12. Dead Rabbits feat. Dia Diesel & Legendary Axe (of Masstapeace) 
13. insanity 
14. Always / His Life (Interlude) 
15. Fear No Man (But Allah) feat. Tableek (of Maspyke), Frank White & Blacastan 
Bonus Track (Purchase Only): Hero vs. Villain

Homicide feat Vorheez & Tame One

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