Sicarii & Bishop – Ode To Anton Pen (Slaughterhouse Hammer Dance Beat)

The Following is just a little sample of what happens when you mess with the realest and best emcee’s in the Massachusetts area! Somebody stepped out of line and I guess it was time for Sic and Bishop to stop biting their tongues and say what had to be said. The rhymes are very potent and they are served up over one of the hottest and hardest beats burning up the airwaves right now, Hammer Dance! Trust me once you listen to this track you will respect the Gods of this here rap scene! So with out any further delays I present to you… Ode to Anton Pen.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments! I look forward to hearing from everybody about this one!

Free Download Here!!
Official Youtube Link

Also don’t forget to cop Sicarii’s 3rd album, “Tomorrow Is A Lie” at one of the links below.

Purchase a copy here with a bouns track!

Free Download Here

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