Sicarii – Fear No Man (But Allah) ft. Blacastan, Tableek and Frank White

“Fear No Man” is the 3rd release from Sicarii’s 3rd album and it features 3 of the most potent underground MC’s on the planet! The track is produced by Ice Grill, Sicarii’s production personality. It’s a dark and hard hitting beat that works well with the lyrical potion that these four geniuses serve up. Everybody knows that Sicarii and Frank White used to make up Kin Dread so hearing the two of them on a track together again was wonderful. Sicarii and Blacastan have previously worked together on “There Will Be Blood” so it was only natural that they get together for another collaboration. Tableek is the cherry on top of the track. His rhyme style is impeccable and almost sounds like it was meant to be on this track. Please listen and enjoy…if you like it, download it! And don’t forget to get the album! 


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