Td3 – Back To School 3 and Interview

It’s your boy, Nate, of The Legal Dope Spot and I’m here with my man Td3. For those of you who don’t know who Td3 is, this is your chance to get to know the man who puts on some of the best shows in the Western Mass area and has one of the hottest mixtape series out to date. The “Back To School” mixtapes have some of the greatest features on them from some of hip hops most up and coming artists. All three of the “Back To School” mixtapes are available for free download at

1. How did you get your start in the music industry?
I think of it more as a hobby, really. I have always had tha belief that if I made money doing something with music that would be a win-win…but its never been my main objective. I guess I started to really get involved in tha Hip-Hop scene around 1998 when I started my Hip-Hop radio show in college. I loved doing that so much, having artists call up, come thru, etc that I worked my way up to assistant manager of tha station by tha time I graduated. After that I started throwing local shows and battles in 2002, etc etc.
2. Who were some of your influences?
Hmmm…honestly anyone that I have met that I see doing what they love with music & not doing it for only financial gain. Them and Big Baby Jesus/Osirus.
3. How do you make your connections and get your features?
I guess from just staying into contact with people. Getting an artist shows/promo is absolutely one way… every artists needs shows! Then from there just being an honest person… I have never once dicked an artist out of pay for a show, even if it came out of pocket. Most artists respect that & don’t forget. Because there is a zillion shady promoters out there, ask any established artist! Ha. But lately since I have been established in on tha underground hip-hop scene for 10+years now, a lot of people recognize tha name so it has become much easier to get well-known artists for my mixtapes, etc.
4. Is there anybody that you haven’t worked with that you would like to?
Billy Joel…pretty much got everyone else covered.
5. Is there anybody that you refuse to work with?
Cocky no-name rappers who have a sense of entitlement.
6. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?
Oh man.. I’ve got some crazy stories..but tha best times were tha years working with E3 (The Camp.. Dese, Skipp Whitman, Excetera), Mic Stylz, and Grime tha MC… those kids are all amazingly talented on every level…and hilarious to hang out with.
7. What do you enjoy most about working in the music industry?
I wouldn’t call it “working in the music industry” but I enjoy a final product of something I have worked hard on…plus when my favorite rappers shout me out on songs…that’s pretty cool. Haha.
8. What do you enjoy least about working in the music industry?
Cocky no-name rappers who have a sense of entitlement.
9. What can we expect from Back to School 4?
Well … shit… its hosted by arguably my favorite rapper ever, Joe Budden (of Slaughterhouse) so that’s a good start. Its going to feature a great mix of dope MC’s (mainly battle rappers from leagues like KOTD, URL/SMACK, and GrindtimeNow) but also got some surprise guests that will be announced soon…some really well known artists…old school and new.
10. When is the new tape dropping?
End of January 2013
11. What about your previous work… Where can we get it? … all past releases FREE… take ‘em.
12. What’s in the future for TD3?
For tha company? more battles, perhaps starting a battle league???, more shows, more mixtapes with big names…oh and I am writing a script loosely based off of all my experiences in this industry as well as real life… its obv going to be a comedy.

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