Bangfield – Interview with Frank White

Who are the members of Bangfield?

 I’m obviously the front man/lyricist because I’m super talented and extraordinarily good looking haha j/k?, then we got my right hand man Jon Faita on Bass, the awesome Victor Rosario on guitars and we just recruited Adam FatCat Slim on the drums.

 How did the band come together?

 That’s a extremely long story so I wont get to crazy here. I toyed around with the idea of a band for a few but didn’t know how to go about it…I gave it a shot with a couple of peeps I worked with but it just couldn’t get off the ground so I kinda gave up…As time went on, I got real close with Roosta and Chris Regan of FNB and they just kept drilling it in my brain that a band is what I needed to be doing…I eventually got up wit Jon Faita and even though we had TONS of ups and downs, that’s when the band really started to materialize…So after going through musician after musician, we finally got a solid 4 of like minded peeps and we all vibed well and then the music started to flow!

What made you want to form a band? What was the inspiration?

 Well first and foremost…Boredom…I love hip-hop and that will never change, but after doing so many projects, mixtapes, features, shows and etc, I just felt like there was nothing more musically I could/wanted to do…After doing so many shows with FNB and feeling the energy and what not with a band behind you, nothing else can give me those vibes now…At that time, I knew that’s what I wanted to do….Though there is countless bands that give me inspiration, I have to give FNB mad props because they all supported the hell out of me doing this and I’m not sure I would be if not for them…Boomblaze!

 What kind of music does Bangfield make and how would you classify your sound?

We are a hip-hop/rock band that mixes elements of funk, reggae, metal, and anything else we feel like hah..Hell we even have a track that sounds punkish…No limitations…There really is NO way to describe us so we call our music Hop Rock…We may change that down the road, but Hop Rock is a ample fit at the moment…

 Have you started recording an album yet? If not, how come?

 We have not…We really want to establish a name, demand, and build a real fan base before hitting the studio…Also get a idea for what songs people dig and etc…I’d say Spring time of 2013 we will have a EP in the works

Which do you enjoy doing more, Solo work or group projects?

 At this moment I would say group…Its dope to have others input and ideas and even doper when it all comes together especially when its a mesh of minds…Plus I really feed off of my band mates energy and shit and when y’all are on point and rocking it, nothing is better…Except maybe sex…Yea

What has the public’s response to the band been so far?

 Haven’t been in the public eye to much yet because we really just unleashed ourselves, BUT, the response has been AWESOME…People really dig what we doing because even though we ain’t the first to do something like this, we have a unique cool sound and people seem to have been waiting for something like this…Though I know some “rappers” in our hip-hop community had funny comments and hate before evening hearing us, the fans (the ones that matter) absolutely love what we doing…When someone has never heard you before but by the end of your song they are chanting YOUR hook back at you, well you know you doing something right….The show offers are pouring in and people are demanding to see us play out…Actually if I get asked one more time when the next show is, I’m going to karate kick Nate Hindle hahaha j/k 

How did you come up with the name “Bangfield”? In other words, does it have any sort of meaning?

Well Bangfield is the nick name for the city we all come from, Springfield MASS, because, well…There’s a lot of damn shooting in my home town haha…But its really become synonymous for us out here and we want to rep our home…Secondly…We make bangers…We like banging woman…And Bang Bang is a awesome catch phrase hahah..Also, its a name people love or hate…It makes them ask again like “Bangfield?”…Its different…Sticks out…Last but not least…There was no one else using it!!!

 What is Bangfield currently working on?

Right now we are just making songs and nailing down our set lists as we book more shows and developing more as a band…Letting our chemistry evolve so to speak…Good things coming!!!

 What’s in the future for Bangfield?

Bangfield has the privilege of being friends and having support from some dope and awesome bands/people and has us in position for some great opportunities in 2013…We plan to keep playing out while hitting the studio in the Spring to deliver you guys a quality product! Expect to hear a lot about Bangfield next year!!!

 Has there been any complications or drawbacks thus far?

 TONS!!!!! But we ain’t letting that stop us…When you are a solo Emcee or even in a group, its not so difficult…You pretty much get the instrumental, write your lyrics (or vice verse) and record that shit…With a band, every member counts and sometimes shit just doesn’t work out and replacements need to be found or schedules conflict or etc etc etc…Its been a trip but everything works itself out and now Bangfield is READY!!!!

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