Alien Arafat 2 – Soundtrack To The Apocalypse

 What is the difference between Sicarii and Alien Arafat?

Well, Alien Arafat is a specific part of Michael Cook’s brain. Sicarii is the largest piece of the pie, the MC, the artist, performer, and life is sometimes one big stage, so Michael and Sicarii are ALMOST synonymous. Ice grill is the producer. The beat guy. The crate digger. The sample fiend and lunatic that stays up to 3 am adding 1 decibel more of a reverb to an adlib lol. Alien Arafat is the knowledge bringer, the godbody holy tabernacle ministry, historical, spiritual intelligence aspect. So for these projects I just magnify THAT particular style, or character. Because I’m also an author. A rhyme author. And I very much approach songs like movies or books, memoir chronicles, so these are all characters in the tragic comedy that is Michael’s life. I try to channel Arafat stuff but it all comes from a higher place, I’m just trying to take this information and translate it for the listener. Back in the day, maybe ALL Sicarii lyrics were Arafat style. That was my proper name, SICARII ARAFAT. I added the ALIEN part because in THIS day and age, what we do is so foreign, it’s not like it would be fair to squeeze “Grapefruit Juice & Champion Hoodies” in-between 2 Chainz and Future music lol…and I fuck with Tity boi haha.

 Do u ever feel u have to dumb it down for the listener?

Absolutely. I mean, if someone has really followed my entire catalog from “of epic proportion” in 01 to now, there can definitely be a case made for me, “dumbing it down”. But honestly, it’s just growth and evolution more than anything. It’s not like I make stupid music to try and get famous. Nah never that. But at the same time, on my super early shit I was speaking another god damn language really, so I made a decision to simplify things and still say the same shit, just in a dialect the average hip-hop head can digest. I mean, we do this music for us, but obviously if we are pursuing a career we want the world to hear. And I need to relate to my fans, so I can’t speak AT them or above them, I have to speak TO them. That was an early lesson. but it’s also all subjective, because the uncivilized ear could hear my current stuff and still feel  like I’m being “super lyrical” or “using big words”, which I fucking loathe, compared to what’s on the radio, so it’s really all your perception. It’s natural. I don’t force shit. It was a natural evolution into something called an adult. Back in 01, I was a kid trying to sound smart. Now I’m weathered and jaded. But both the kid and the man were smart and knew they shit. 90% of people that were introduced to Sicarii through “of epic proportion” LOVE everything since then. But there is the 10% who hit me up on the Internet bitching that I don’t still rap like lost children of Babylon. It’s just not in me anymore. To be honest, I have tried. This AA shit is the closest I would ever want to go to that style.

On “Easter Sunday” you make a couple references to “anunnaki”… Do the knowledge! Explain “anunnaki” for those who don’t know who or what it is…

Well, i could talk for hours about that or them. Basically though, it’s much deeper than an episode of “ancient aliens”. They leave out lots of shit, and i get it, they gotta sell a story, but they are still doing more good than harm so fuck it. The anunnaki are AN “alien” race from the 10th planet, Niburu which is orbiting the far end of OUR solar system. It comes thru our orbit every 36,000 years as it doesn’t have a regular orbit around the sun; it orbits around our solar system and lives off a dwarf star at the other end. Basically, our solar system is binary. Meaning has TWO stars. Not one. TWO suns. It’s very common. One has burnt out, but I’m guessing still provides some warmth, light or energy. For whatever reason, they came to Earth in ancient times to mine for gold in Africa. They needed it for something on their planet. When they got here, homoerectus was doing its thing on this planet already, so rather than mine the caves themselves; the ANNUNAKI spliced their DNA with homoerectus to create…US!! Humans. The holes in modern theories are all there. Look it up. Wake the fuck up and read something, or at least listen to this EP. The ANNUNAKI are basically the answers to all your questions. How did the pyramids not only get built, but built perfectly aligning to Orion’s belt? How did we evolve much faster than any species on the planet? Why do religious texts talk of god or gods “coming down from the heavens” to create man? I could go on for days literally i used to bomb cats to this shit all the time, now the cats that i bombed, bomb other cats. Each one teach one. Read the “12th planet” by Zecharia Sitchin, who this EP is dedicated too. He was the OG. He was one of the only people on earth who could read and translate cuneiform texts written on cylinder seals by the Sumerian people who were the first major civilization on earth. So i trust him more than any charlatan or biter like Erik Von Daniken. Daniken is the wack commercial version of Sitchin. He is the shawty lo of ancient history. A parasite.

“Game of Thrones” is a really hard, bass heavy, banger of a track about your abilities as an MC. Since you beheaded Imperial Lex in Northampton have you decided whether you were going to continue to battle as a career or not? If so when can we expect to see you at it again? If not, will you be putting out another LP?

Yeah, i will battle again. It’s good promo. At least it CAN be. The Lex battle was shit. And fuck him for not making it hot. He can rhyme, he had some angles and lines i thought were mildly entertaining but he had no clue how to deal with EN SABAH NUR, Apocalypse. When i battle, that’s the identity i take, the god-pharaoh super villain from x-men and marvel comics. I love the mythology of comics. But yeah he was just too…human. I’m supposed to battle the homie Kinetik Dialekt from Boston, he is dope, he is an MC like me and the battle was supposed to go down in Maine, but i had some personal issues getting up there and then the event ended up getting cancelled so we’ll probably do it down here after new year’s. Hopefully, I can get some more battle rappers hearts to sacrifice; i got a few cats on my hit list. They don’t want me in the IBATTLE league cuz I will run thru it decapitating and crucifying their most worshipped but very average rappers. And of course, I got another LP coming out. 2013. It’s the ultimate album. It’s really awesome. It will inspire feelings of awe. Straight rap record. I’m getting back on my supreme MC shit.
 I noticed there was no hook on “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, yet it seems to work perfectly for that track, almost like it did back in the 90’s. Was that sort of the style you were going for with this track/project?

Yes and No. I’m cut from THAT cloth. I can’t help but be lost in the 90s cuz that’s when i came up, grew up really. That’s the music i LOVE. I LIKE some shit nowadays, but that’s the music that changed my life. This project was intended to be more futuristic, whereas AA Pt. 1 was more old school. But still, some songs are just not destined to have a hook. Other songs are elevated to the next level with a chorus but it’s really just an organic feeling. For some reason i just never even thought of that song with a hook. I’m glad you took that feeling from it though. I really know how to do this music shit broseph. I get a feeling when a song is COMPLETE, and i know when it’s not. I try not to overdo it. One thing i am working on with the new LP is to shut the fuck up. Not talk over all the beats and scratches and just the music play.

 On “Brain Storm” you have features from Asylum Lifetime and Poppa Bear. You all sound like you belong on that record together… Is there a possibility of a Sicarii/AsyLife project in the future?

I hope. Asy is my man yo. That is the CT version of me. We have both led a very similar life. We have already done a bunch of songs, and this joint here, was the last song we did for AA2 and the most recent song we did together.  But it’s the first to drop haha. I was actually just talking to him earlier today. We want to do an ep or something, it’s just finding the time with busy careers and lives. The chemistry is there. He is on the LP twice, a real life joint called “Permanent Scars” and some wild out shit, “Nelson Court” produced by Norman Cratez. He is always sending me beats and shit. We gon see lol. He is amazing. And his crew, UNDERDOG RELIGION just dropped an album that’s so dope. They are all on my next record, Sherm LaRock did a beat with Blak Flag on it too. They running CT talent wise in my opinion. And Pops is the Cape’s best MC. I really want to produce an official Poppa Bear solo album. Me, Karate Face and Pops does beats too, he did “Charlie Sheen”. The holy trinity of suicide king music. Put it out thru DCSKOR. Do it right. Myself, Pops and Asy are all the same person really. White street cats that been thru mad shit and spit grimy. I love that fucking song!! Jump [Karate Face]’s bass line was illy.

“Malachi Z. York”, at the beginning of the track you said you were “Doin it like 94, no backups, no adlibs, just one straight take”, is that really how it worked out? Also on that track you talk a lot about Larry Davis and Malachi Z. York? Who were they and why do they mean so much to you?

Yeah, well not one take, but there is no backups, no adlibs, no vocal stacking, just one straight vocal track for each verse and 2 panned tracks for the hook. Simple shit. Grimy and simple. And dope. I made that beat at your house too Nate, do u remember that? It was aiight right? And look at the amazing song it grew to be. All songs have destinies. Larry Davis was an NYC dude that received notoriety for shooting a few cops and basically not laying down. He beat mad cases and just was like, “fuck y’all crooked cops” so i gotta rock with that. Eventually he was convicted for something tho and they fucked him up in prison. He turned his life around tho. Dr. Malachi Z York is the leader of the Nuwabian Nation of Moors/Holy tabernacle Ministries which is a way of life that deals heavily with the ancient alien theories. He is bugged out. He was wrongly accused of mad counts of statutory rape and also sent to prison, but if u ask his people, he was like Jesus to them. I don’t know what to believe with that shit, but i know he also stood up in court and said “I’m a Native American, your justice system can’t judge me” so i gotta rock with that. And his lectures have mad jewels. That’s the samples on the song. He goes in on white people from time to time too which is great. Neither of them, is nearly as important as the other line, “Zecharia Sitchin is a hero to me”…because he is. Google him. Just read and study and listen to his lectures. Legaldopespot exclusive: the song that i sampled for this beat is actually Malachi Z York’s early r&b group lol. Before being a messiah from the 19th galaxy he was a struggling soul singer and producer…i GOTTA rock with that!!

Is “Dogfood” directed at anyone specific? After all you do say on the track “No point to a truce” and Bishop is on it… Or am I just trying to stir shit up?

LOL! U just doing what u do. I like that. Nah, all my beefs are deaded. Truth be told i did write that shit a couple years ago tho, so i think there was a few cats that inspired that shit. No one that you would think tho. We was just getting brolic. LDSpot exclusive: i did delete some adlibs at the end of the song where the beat just rocks out, cuz at the time I wrote it and when we recorded it was a while apart, but the lyrics were definitely aimed at loser dickriding mc’s, and we recorded it in the midst of having some rivalries come to the surface, and with the adlibs that were on the end it COULD have been take another way and I wasn’t trying to be a part of that. I’m good with everyone right now. I’m just doing me.

“Da Plague” is a very complex track…Break the core meaning of this track down for the people… where were you trying to take it?

Just kick some knowledge in a bugged out manner. That beat is just zombie shit. So i kinda just blacked out. The plague that I’m speaking about is more of the mind than the body. Or artistically. Art sucks in 2012 man. If Wu-tang clan came out today they would be laughed at and relegated to underground blogs. There is no one really waving that flag. The underground is dope but over populated with biters and knock offs and no one is a fan anymore. I started rhyming in 1996. I’m an MC. I’m also a fan. I paid my dues. Ten fold. I’m just trying to be solution minded. They are the plague and we are the cure. I’m not alone.

 The EP has 2 bonus tracks on it; “Night of the Sentinels” is one of them. Both bonus tracks are produced by your producer alter ego, Ice Grill, is there any specific reason for that?

Well i think they both fit the project. This is an alien Arafat ep but there are sicarii songs that are Arafat shit too. “Night of the sentinels” was a joint i did with GODILLA from PA originally for my next LP. But it was so dope and really fit the vibe i had to put it on here. Me and Face were like, yo the ep is great, but its real short, it’s like 7 songs, and we do so much damn music so there was no excuse. The reason that I produced both bonus tracks was more just how it happened. Karate Face produced this EP in every way shape and form. His beats and energy is what got me into it and even inspired this shit lyrically. And I’m very proud of the shit lyrically. Our chemistry and his all original, no sample production was amazing but i do some beats myself that fit right in. ALSO, and more so than any other reason, I wanted to give cats a bridge or BYFROST if u will, between this project and my next LP. I’m growing and evolving as a producer and nowadays i feel more excited to produce than rhyme almost. I’m on my shit Nate. This next LP might be my last, and if it is, i think i did everything i wanted to do, but the world has to hear these beats. I don’t want to say too much, cuz there are biters and shit, but imp really onto something production wise, a kind of fusion between 2 worlds that i have a foot in, and love equally and have finally found the correct mixture of chemicals to blow the fucking laboratory up!! These bonus tracks are just a taste of the direction I’m taking it. We have talked before about how each sicarii LP is different from the last and also the fans check for sicarii solo albums the most out of all the shit i do. So naturally, that is where i wanna show my growth to the most amount of ears. It’s some ultimate shit!

It’s evident on the track “Brick Planet” that you get pretty personal… Is that ever hard for you to do? And are you ever nervous about the way it might be perceived?

Nah, not at all. That’s the shit i do this for. That’s my favorite song on here actually. Goosebump shit. And I’m so glad my suicide kings came on that journey with me, they both killed it. That’s a powerful song. More than anything, i love the dialogue sample at the end, that’s the realest shit. Really listen. With that being said, my next record won’t be as overly personal as my past material. I have told my story. A few times over, the fans know everything about me, even too much, and if it’s a new fan they can go back and check my catalog and really understand who Sicarii is as a person. So with the 4th album i just wanted to get busy. Ultimate rhymes. Ultimate beats. Straight hip-hop. Commercial. Underground. Raw. My rawest record yet. Just banging out. There are still a few real life sicarii songs that I’m known for, of course, but mostly it’s just me rapping my ass off over awesome beats. Different concepts. there are  A LOT of things that make me who I am, much more than JUST drugs or problems or depression and truth be told I’m not in that space anymore. Thank Allah. So this next record i kinda went back to before all that when i was just a 19 year old kid rapping because he loved it and felt compelled to do so. I’m still compelled. I’m showing the other pieces of what makes up Mike. Before the drugs and the streets i was kid. I like movies, i like comics, i like batman, i love superheroes, i like to read, i love knowledge and science, i like Dana Carvey, nahmean, and i LOVE hip-hop. So on this next joint we gonna talk about what else makes me tick. And in a lyrical way. And still parade corn ball mc’s heads around on flag poles…i still like to just rap. And if you can’t fuck with that, i do understand. maybe my life will suck again or i will want to tell those stories on a future project, and shit, but i have a sneaking suspicion that 99% of the people that rock with Sicarii gonna love this new shit…and a lot of people that aint on board yet, gonna be rocking with us…DCSKOR…more will be revealed! I love yall, peace to the seeds…

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