Sicarii vs. Cap Yuf (Rap Battle)

A couple weeks ago, a bunch of MC’s got together at Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton to settle some scores. It was TD3’s Birthday Bash. And man was it ever a bash!! The battle were all very entertaining but none held a candle to the performance that Sicarii gave during his battle.
Sicarii vs. Cap Yuf

Now quite simply, anybody who paid attention to the bars that were spittin, this one in my opinion goes to Sicarii, 3 rounds to 0. Now Its obvious that the wordplay is heavy and the metaphors take a minute to grasp for the average joe but if the crowd could just shut the fuck up and listen, the bars would have so much more diesel. 
Sicarii isn’t the type of dude who has to spend weeks doing research because he has a passion for battle 
raps. He just loves what he does. Say what you want about Big Sic but I’d be willing to bet that if you and Sicarii met up for a battle rap…you would walk away much less than victorious. All I can say I pay attention to Sicarii in the future…The man is 4-0 in a very short timespan and there are more body bags to come!!

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