Interview with Shadow


Who is Shadow?

One of the members of super group GUN CITY & one half of the troubled ones group. Shadow is an artist angel & demon n the same sentence, looks at himself as a M.C. & ENTREPRENEUR with a mindset of destroying EVERY TRACK, BEAT & MICROPHONE HE COMES ACROSS.
I’ve been listening to music since I was n the womb! No..seriously! I remember as a kid listening to Kurtis Blow, sugarhill gang,big daddy kane, kool mo dee, public enemy, run dmc. I can go on, but I also listened to ALL DIFFERENT GENRES OF MUSIC! I use to get n trouble for reciting ice cube & de la soul lyrics instead of memorizing my homework! Lol. I remember listening to the “PREDATOR ” album n front of my grandfather & he said ” let me hear what u listening to” He must’ve had the headphones on for…2 seconds! And was like what THE #$@%&!! Took my cassette out of my Sony Walkman & snapped my tape n half. He use to always c me splicing my cassettes so he flushed the ribbon & spool down the toilet! I think I was also grounded!But as I matured I started ryhmin, freestyling. Around 14-15 I spit everywhere I went. From parties, cyphers or just chillin, we would rhyme any & everywhere! I never wrote a damn thing. But by the time I was 17-18 I was battling! People would always tell me ..” yo, u need to start writing my nigga! ” So I recorded a song with my cuz Wes Craven titled “413”. Everybody loved it,my voice was finally on track that people could rewind. If I had a studio n my house I would record everyday too. Music has saved my life PLENTY OF TIMES! And I know it will save me many more times! Its a passion of mines, my mother & father have it, my kids have it & anyone else that chills with me long enough! I keep an open mind n every direction. I never listen to those negative critics. If I did I wouldn’t make GREAT MUSIC!!


What projects have you worked on in the past?

SOUNDTRACK of the street vol.1 &  vol.2. And my solo debut ep MY LYRICAL VENGEANCE. SOUNDTRACK OF THE STREET  VOL. 1 WAS our FIRST MIXTAPE TOGETHER AS ONE WHOLE UNIT,BUT SOME OF our MEMBERS LOST THEIR PASSION FOR MUSIC SO GUN CITY WAS cut down to 3 members (Synfact,Wes Craven,and myself). Vol.2  Was a test for all of us to see if we had what it took to create a fanbase & make great music. I do it for the love! Strictly GOOD music & to try and build  a foundation of friends n the industry, knowledge of the business.its all love & support from my corner along as u don’t cross my team & I give EVERYBODY A CHANCE.


What is your current release? When did it come out?

My lyrical vengeance is out now! it was released back in november. I took some time off due to some legal troubles I had, 2 and a half years I had time to think about LIFE ….PERIOD!! Things were really stressing me out. So n the long run I educated myself to the FULLEST! But still felt as if people couldn’t REALLY HEAR MY LYRICS ……….REALLY LISTEN!!!!!!! I write bars based on past, present & future! Reality mixed with imagination, which mines is VERY VIVID! UNDERGROUND FOR LIFE! My music speaks for itself!


What can the people look out for?

People can look out my 2nd solo MIXTAPE MY LYRICAL VENGEANCE VOL.2. This installment is lyrically more complex. Plus I’ve kept it mostly me with only one feature on there. I know people will b interested n this mixtape due to it just being mostly me. Angels & Demons, the good & bad! I’m both! There’s no release date yet but it should be out by july.Also Wes Craven’s new album Self Medication will be out soon after.


Who is featured on it? Producers? artists?

I put this MIXTAPE together without any local producers. I’m still jacking beats ,I feel as though I dont need a producer for a mixtape,but of course in due time an album with original production will come in to play. My dude D.j.Quest produced a track on my last project called “7:30”, but I will eventually work with local producers / mainstream or just bad ass beatmakers period! Eventually it will happen. I have a few artists on vol.1, its mostly crew (Synfact & Harzard).  Those are my dudes I can count on when its crunch time.They have their own projects coming out soon. MY LYRICAL VENGEANCE VOL.2 is mostly me to really let people hear myself & no one else.


Where can your music be found?

plus anyone can contact me or wes craven for cd copies

Who do you have plans of working with in the future?

There’s  a lot of local talent around the 413 so there’s plenty of artists that I’ll work with. I can’t forget ALL THOSE around the 413, mass-a- shoot -shit areas! Boston, Connecticut, Worcester, Holyoke, I can go on & on. Even small hick, boondock, suburbia country ass towns …..u will b surprised by some dudes! Practice makes perfect …RIGHT!!? We ALL try to master the craft no matter what! Down south, west coast ,mid west …..why we as the north east part of the nation CAN’T GET ALONG!? EVERYWHERE ELSE HAS UNITY!!! More mafuckas need to have support for each other. Fuck beefin with ur neighbors! People will have a hard time reaching their LIMITS! And those open mics, halls,clubs & other venues will b shut down indefinitely! Where will that leave us? NOWHERE!! So squash the riffraff, 85% of the time its over ” YOU SCUFFED MY J’s!” Or….some rachet chick slept with the whole crew & one of yall finally caught feelings! WTF! We suppose to pave the way for the future! OUR CHILDREN see everything! Lead by EXAMPLE.

What would you do with a million dollars?

If I had a million dollars the first thing I do Is invest a chunk into real estate. U need a roof over ya head so I would definitely look into that. My family will never have to worry about bills. I would  also give back…..meaning I would probably build a school, boys&girls club, hospital, church. I would steer the young toward a better world! Money is the root of all EVIL so I would have to have an advisor, teacher or something like a GURU!

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