Joyner Lucas -Intervention


All of us know people so desperate for recognition and respect that they expend all of their energy

trying to be something they’re not, instead of focusing on being the best ‘them’ that they can be.

Ever wanted to stage an intervention? Well, Joyner Lucas has and it’s the focus of this song.

Over an !LLMIND beat he describes exactly what is entailed in a ‘Joyner intervention’ should

you ever feel the need. Who ya gonna call?????

“Intervention” on Soundcloud:

“Intervention” on Audiomack:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it should be noted that Joyner’s Busy Signal assisted single,

“Riding Solo” is #4 most added on CMJ’s chart currently which is probably why The Urban Daily

honored him as an, ‘artist to watch’ recently. Pay attention!


Twitter: @RealJoynerLucas


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