MysteryCipher – Da Capo : Only the Beginning


At only 18, MysteryCipher has already seen much success in his career. In February 2013, MysteryCipher released his first mixtape, “Well Connected.” The mixtape went on to receive over 700 digital downloads. He has also managed to grow his fanbase in not only his hometown of Boston, but all over the world with over 30,000 supporters and followers on all of his social media sites. MysteryCipher has also collaborated with major artists Future, Freck Billionaire(the artist of major rapper Fabolous), and rapper Cassidy. Even after all of this success, MysteryCipher is still working hard to achieve even more in the music industry. 

“Never take no for an answer,” MysteryCipher says. “You are always going to have to work towards the goal, but when you finally get there you realize all those late nights of no sleep were worth it. “

“Da Capo: Only the Beginning” is a complete solo project from MysteryCipher. His fans are only going to hear him and no featured artists. Entirely produced by Boston producer Stud Beats and hosted by famed DJ Big Tunez The DJ, “Da Capo: Only the Beginning” contains 11 tracks including the hit single, “So Cold.” While most of the songs on the mixtape are upbeat, MysteryCipher managed to bring out emotion on every track. 

“I tried to capture the emotions and bring the supporters I’m blessed with on a ride with me in the struggle of being an upcoming artist who has been doubted since the day he started,” MysteryCipher says of the mixtape. Other tracks on the mixtape include “Only the Beginning,” “Don’t You Ever Stop,” Seeming Right,” “Oh No,” and “Major.”

“Da Capo: Only the Beginning” is currently sponsored by and available for free download.

Link to “Da Capo: Only the Beginning”:

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