Cashmir – Prodigy (Mixtape)

Cashmir - Prodigy (Cover)

After months of building anticipation Dallas native Cashmir from the collective “Brain Gang” has finally released his debut project titled “Prodigy.” Banger, after banger, after banger, followed up by 3 bonus tracks that would easily sell to fans. Keeping his versatility options open, he grabs nearly 10 different producers for his production. If my guess is right, this is why it turned out to be a Mixtape & not a Ep. One thing that sets this project apart from the others is the consistency, EVERY song is a jam in it’s own way. Hopefully we’ll get more visuals off this release, any song could be considered a “single.” I think at this point we can official call Cashmir the most underrated artist in the state of  Texas with national/commercial potential, if you love lyrics, mixed with a bit of southern steeze & creativity. This is your guy. Check out Prodigy below to hear it for yourself.

Cashmir - Prodigy (Tracklist)

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