Lexy – Back Up



Hip Hop is making a major comeback and as the styles change, so does the game. 17 year old, female emcee Lil Lexy plans to change the game in her own way, her pursuit to “build an empire”.

It all began in Boston Massachusetts at the age of 4 when her uncle gave Lexy her first Karaoke machine. Preforming at family parties and memorizing all of her favorite music videos, Lexy began writing her first raps at age 7. Lil Lexy continued to preform for crowds any chance she got.

 Working with other local artists on her own, the hardships of the music game started becoming apparent    but with her hunger to learn and impeccable grind Lexy refused to slow down. Concentrating on keeping her grades up in school and spending every free moment she has in the booth, Lexy knew she needed a foundation for this empire,  she brought her talent to  Rushya/ Rushin Embassy Ent. Roxbury MA based company/record label.  “I was woman enough to fix my mistakes and move forward, I feel like God took me through stress then handed me success to make me realize I’m blessed.  You know everything happens for a reason, if I didnt make mistakes i would be young and dumb forever”.

With a delivery and flow often compared to legendary female emcee Roxanne Shante, Lexy is already invading the airwaves of Boston radio with her single “No Cinderella”. Along side Rushya, Lil Lexy’s buzz in Boston is picking up at a rapid rate. Don’t let this young female’s shy demeanor fool you, put a mic in front of Lil Lexy and watch true talent and ambition shine.

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