Let’s talk hip hop…


Ego. What is ego? Ego is basically when you start to think you’re better than others at what you do. Most of the mc’s from my area have tremendous egos. That being said, well, the hip hop scene around here is very stagnant. Partly because ego’s hold otherwise good hip hop artists back from the limelight.
Showing versatility and having the willingness to collaborate with other rappers from your city is a must. Beef is a part of hip hop just as loyalty is. Beef mainly stems from, yup you guessed it, Ego. Often times it is unnecessary and unwarranted.
Sure, having good beats and lyrics with substance is important but nothing will ever be as important as being humble. Humble enough to work with anyone at anytime. It’s good to feel like you’re the best at what you do but there is a huge difference between being confident and being just plain cocky.
The bottom line is that if you are a hip hop artist you have a responsibility to help maintain the integrity of hip hop culture.


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