Shizzie – Gettin Mine (Audio)


Shizzie June born (Shawn Andrews) in Bostons Beth Israel Hospital on June 18, 1991. Spending most of his child hood growing up in Bostons (Roxbury) neighborhood Shizzie faced a lot of challenges with poverty, losing close friends to violence and even days with no hot water or heat in the winter. No matter what obstacles thrown his way he still had a drive and hunger to win and do better for his family and the people around him. Shizzie June started writing his own music by the age of 9 after seeing his father and his rap group recording music in the late 90s and early 2000s. In 2006 while attending the Edwards Middle School he joined a group called “Street Status” which was established by his long time friend (Bentley Mattier). Street Status was a group Bentley put together for a school talent show, not aware of how powerful the “talent” was and how much the music moved the people. Street Status is now a brand and Shizzie June is spreading light on the Street Status name across the world. The energy of his music and the production behind the sound gives you a feeling you would want to wake up to every morning. I like to call it “motivation music”! After releasing a bunch a free mixtapes such as the (Look at me now series , Reality Check , and Est. 1991 and a host of music videos, Shizzie June gave the world a classic Album titled ‘DIRECT DEPOSIT which was released on iTunes in March 2016. The things that this guy can offer to the music industry and the fans of hip hop is a rare vibe that you don’t want to miss out on. Make sure you check out all of Shizzie June’s mixtapes on and Subscribe to his YouTube channel ( Shizzie June ). Also purchase all new music on iTunes or stream for free on Spotify, Tidal, iHeart Radio and Apple Music

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