Barbie “The Boss” – Doin Boss Shit In A Man’s World


 What’s up y’all! How about something new here at The Legal Dope Spot?

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of Massachusetts upcoming models.

Here is what transpired:

Barbie :

My name is Barbie “The Boss” Gonzalez. I am what you would called an Alternative Beauty. I believe for too long we have been convinced that a model or beautiful woman should look a certian type. I am hear to prove that thought wrong and show the world that beauty can be anything that takes your breathe away…like a BOSS!!!
What is your inspiration
My inspiration is my own inner child. The one that was always told that doing this was impossible.
And where do you plan to go with your modeling career?
With my modeling career I plan on being a standard-bearer when it comes to thinking outside the box. I plan on using this platform to not only change the way things are but also build a business and a brand that will last long and strong for me and my family
Why “Barbie”?
What better way to break the standard image that by reshaping the industry norm known as the barbie look.
next question…..who is your inspiration?
My inspiration is anyone who was told they couldnt achieve thier dream and against all odds stuck with it and made it.
what is your biggest dream/goal?
My goal is to hopefully make it big one day and prove that you can do anything you set your mind to

2 thoughts on “Barbie “The Boss” – Doin Boss Shit In A Man’s World

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