Fabeyon – A.G.E.(All Golden Era)


So I put this one on and instantly it’s 1995 again! Seriously, imagine how great it would be if you could be transported back to your youth and be able to know that you can wake up in the morning and hip hop is not going to suck because there are people like Fabeyon who care about the culture! I have never heard something so powerful and hard hitting as this is! Fabeyon does a spectacular job of riding classic 90’s beats and really making them his own! Lyricism and showmanship at it’s finest!

Seriously though, If you are looking for something with substance and heart and soul to listen to…this is it! Give this an honest hard listen and you will realize that Fabeyon has a gift for Rap!

A.G.E is available on Audiomack.

Check it out!


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