M-Dot – Dreamscape

Many times dreams can be an escape of sorts. A nightmare conversely can offer the polar opposite…a dream you wanna escape from. ‘Dreamscape’ (Shot in a Western Massachusetts abandoned mental asylum) offers the latter. The horror-core track (laced by Marco Polo‘s menacing drums) is a reprisal themed record aimed at producers, promoters, blogs, rappers, friends & anybody else who has doubted, disrespected, slept on or overlooked the ambition, dedication & overall lengthy resume’ of M-Dot. While the EMS crew front man sets his crosshairs at the aforementioned parties, the song also carries a mocking tone toward the common belief that a ‘killer bravado” sells.
Let the blood spill.
‘Dreamscape’ comes on the heels of animated visuals for his single “Shine” featuring Method ManDominique Larue & Katy Gunn (watch) as well as the viral interactive 360 video (2 Million views between Facebook & YouTube) for “123 Flow” (watch). “egO anD The eneMy” due for release on January 27th, 2017 on Own Lane Music (Production by Large Professor, Hi Tek, Marley Marl, Buckwild, Marco Polo & more).

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