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  1. Rant of a pissed off friend

    Note to people out here on The legal dope spot if you are getting a spot on here it’s cause he want you to succeed he dose a lot of this work for free so I’m not listening or sharing anything if you ask Nate to pay for it he is a good dude with a passion for your music that’s why he posts it on this website you should be handing him so much free music mix tapes battles (free shirts bumper stickers) what ever you get to promote yourself that he can’t handle getting it all up fast enough that’s just what you do when you really hustle broke minded thinking will keep you broke so if you have the nerve to ask for money for a track album or mixtape from him best believe I would put your cheap asses on blast for it I’ve been around plenty of hustlers and my self included (shout out to track bangers during there come up they knew how to treat a supportive person much love for that Smitty an D ) hard work and loyal people will get you success not making a bunch of shitty tracks and charging for them if you want to make it supportive people in the industry like Nate & CJ Fiore D & Smitty at track bangas & moe @ mass creations that promote and push for you guys to be known your ego minded thinking you have like I’m the best is going to keep you last show love first in the future it will pay off humble your asses and be smart use all the free promotion to your advantage and gift these people who are there to help free advise from me I won’t charge get out of your own way and make a lane for your self


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