M-Dot – B-Sting (Video)

EMS general and Boston vet M-Dot drops off a visual for the alliteration driven barrage of ‘B’s’ track aptly titled “B- Sting.” Song appears on Layer Cake and is produced by Joniz (Sweden) with cuts by DJ LP2 (Denmark). The bonus video snippet that appears at the second half of said clip is laced over Gajos (Poland) drums.

Sicarii – Fear Of God 2 ft. Frank White & Daylyt

fear of god 2

Today, The Legal Dope Spot sat down with Hip Hop artist and Battle rap star, Sicarii! We had questions…He had answers. We also got so lucky as to get the exclusive listen to his first single off of “Ultimate Everything”, his 4th full length album. Don’t worry… We were able to get the track for your listening pleasure as well. The track features Kin Dread brethren Frank White along side Daylyt, the battle rapper who is well known for his antics.

It’s been a busy year for you… catch us up on some of the things we might have missed…
Wow. Its been a crazy year. Lots of ups and downs. This battle shit has def taken my life up by swarm in the last 12 months. But i’ve been making lots of beats. Producing some insane shit. Its wierd cuz i wont make a beat for 3 months and then make 20 in 2 weeks, thats just how it flows for me. I been writing songs here and there, and recently fell into a nice little groove with the music but i cant lie, the battling has kept me distracted, and thats changing now. I have to balance it all. In the ring, i was getting no showed a lot early in ’14, like 3 times in a row, couple BIG battles, and i intially got frustrated as fuck, but bounced back and had my strongest run yet. From Fis da Beast to the Dego classic, which CTHIPHOP just named Ibattle of the year, to me and Tapedeck slugging it out, to Smooth Black, to this 3 headed hydra of battles 2 weeks apart…im just staying driven man. I couldnt NOT do this. I still want my fucking PG and KOTD debut tho lol. Foh, man…
What has been the toughest battle for you this far?
Man, life bro. Lack of productivity music wise. Maintaining sobriety. I know thats not the answers u looking for, but RAP battles aint nothing man. No ego, this is shit i come up with at work or playing with my son, walking to the store and shit. This aint bout nothing. Just having fun, talking wild, doing what i do. Playing with the English Language. Its not writing the rounds thats even “tough” its the mental chess. The delving into the life, psyche, and backstory of another man, I could really give a fuck about otherwise lol. Thats why i usually take the easy road and just clap these dudes to death, and sleep with they girl and kill em with words. But when the opprotunity presents itself, like the recent title match, I CAN go a little deeper and really break down character. But i’d rather just talk that shit. Also, the time prepping, so u dont choke or forget your shit can be tedious, and the TRAVEL and CELEBRATION takes a lot out of me these days. I work. So its always up and at em the next morning. Crack of dawn. But this is the life I wanted.
Who would you consider light work? 
LOL, fuck that. I dont play those games. MAYBE, a couple battles in my early run i took “light” or didnt really put too much into them, but nowadays the fans expect a certain caliber from me, and im abliged to provide that. So in 2014 and into the New Year, if i agree to a battle and we lock it in, its not gonna be light work. Im also blessed to be given some very talented opponents, especially recently. And i want to beat the best. A body bag is wack. I want to make amazing, quality battles you can watch from start to finish. I think the Dego Diavolo and Tapedeck battles are my favorite this year, but we still got 3 more to be released so we shall see.
On the album, why has it been such a long wait?
Ask myself the same shit. Def A LOT of procrastination, which im notorious for, in all facets of my life. But also, i wanted to wait til it really mattered. Listen, ive put out a bunch of INCREDIBLE music to people that couldn’t care less, and that feeling is awful. So why rush it? Make em wait, and really want it. And the shit i got coming??!?!? YALL CATS GONNA SEE WHAT THE WAIT WAS ABOUT!!! 3 ALBUMS IN THE NEXT 24 MONTHS. ON MY SON. MUSIC THAT WILL SHATTER YOUR EARS!! I aint been just sitting on my ass, but at the same time, thats EXACTLY what i been doing. But my son is next to me, so its not for nothing. I been really taking care of my family and putting in quality time to be a good human and father, as well as artist. And the battle shit is helping new eyes and ears discover Sicarii, so the time is just right now.
Do you have plans to continue with your recording career?
Of course. This is my heart and soul. Battling was like a side chick that i fell in the love with. And maybe we ended up being stupid and having a baby. A secret seed lol. So i gotta sneak out the crib and check them out and drop off quotables so the lil homie can eat. But at the same time, NOTHING in this world is gonna take me away from my main love. Which is music.

What can the fans look forward to with this album? Featured artists/producers?
ULTIMATE EVERYTHING! the title says it all. amazing rap music. straight like that. no frills, no bullshit, no delusional radio ploys, just that super raw SIC shit. Period. I got Killah Priest, Tragedy khadafi, Shyheim, Krumb Snatcha, Asylum Lifetime, Bender from Flight Distance, Real Deal, Daylyt, Frank White, Blak Flag on there. And i did all the beats except 2, Sherm Larock from UDR and Norman Cratez both did a joint.
Back to battles, can the fans count on you going up against some big names in 2015?
Absolutely. One already locked in. Im not searching for “big names” persay, but definently a higher viewed echelon of opponents. No disrespect. and i gotta get my numbers up too. real shit. but its all natural. you gon see. its not like we just trying to skip the line, the foundation is built, the woodwork laid down, now let’s bring this mansion to life.
Where do you see yourself at this time next year?
I dont. I literally have to take life a day at a time to survive. Sometimes an hour at a time. But God is great and the will of Allah is something ive been blessed to have on my back, the light of Allah shines on my face, so im not worried about a god damn thing.
How does becoming the 413 battle league champ change the way you approach future battles?
Um, i think it just makes them more important. Ive noticed cats pay attention to the shit i say and do more. not with just being the champ, but as your stock rises, your responsibility does as well. I’m a natural born leader, and I been the champion before i was the champ. I been the king before yall gave me the crown. Im just going to be smart, and continue to do what i been doing, at a higher and more focused level. everything on 10. on ultimate. At the same time, i do acknowledge that there is a target on my back. Im that dude to beat. So im sure cats are already plotting and planning. But so am I motherfuckas!! The son dont chill!! There is pressure, but thats what i need. thats what fuels me. these top tier fuckwads show up and spit 2 rounds and get their check and its over for that shit man. fuck them. keep the gun to my head. its gonna be that much sweeter when I turn it on you. Peep this, and this is my final thought, which should show yall the type of mc that I am…since my first rhyme, some 15 plus odd years ago, every rhyme has gotten better and better. thats pressure. to have millions of rhymes and they are all amazing and still get better. so yeah, im killing shit right now, but there is always room to elevate and do even better somehow, and its my job to figure out how to make that happen…

Sicarii – The Other Side

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Although he has been absent from the music scene as of late, Sicarii has been hard at work on his fourth solo release entitled, “Ultimate Everything”, as well as climbing the rungs in the battle rap scene. But this new album, for those of you who are familiar with Sicarii is set to put him in a class of his own. Sic is always looking for new creative ways to grow and progress as an artist and producer, whether it’s a featured artist or the newest Ice Grill production Sicarii definitely keeps his listeners comfortably on edge.

Below you will Find a few tracks off his last release, “Tomorrow Is A Lie”  which is available by clicking on the album cover above.

Now for a little history lesson for those of y’all who are just being introduced.

Before I Sleep Front.psd

“Before I Sleep”

Sicarii’s freshman project featuring production from Ice Grill, Lord K, Phlow, Joe Young, and Young Cee.

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The Awakening

Sicarii’s Second Album featuring Krumbsnatcha, Blacastan, Grime tha MC, Vorheez, Frank White and Bishop.

Kriss Famouss – Cookies and Kush



Click Here to Download

Springfield native, Kriss Famouss, drops off his new joint entitled Cookies and Kush. It’s a good mixture of club tracks, smoking music, and just ridin the whip type shit. make sure you cop this and bump it as loud as you can! You’ll be glad you did!

Revalation – Hometown Heroes ft. Joe Lazarus & Busy Bars

hometown heroes

This is the latest track off Revalation’s acclaimed mixtape. “Feature Presentation” and this time he calls on Belgium Emcee, Joe Lazarus & fellow Mass Emcee, Busy Bars for an original concept where each emcee lyrically paints a picture of themselves being a hip-hop superhero in their city! Production by Poland’s SoulPete!!!


Fred The Godson – Fatboy Fresh


Now I know it’s been out for about a week already but I decided to post this one anyways just on the strength of how dope this mixtape is. I have listened to it atleast a dozen times from front to back and have really enjoyed every single track. I am hard pressed to say that I have actually wanted to skip a track! Download and listen and see for yourself! Fred The Godson delivers!

Download HERE