Svn – 9000 Bissonnet

2016-08-12 02.16.27 1

Houston up-and-comer, Svn, has every reason to be feeling pretty good about life right now. His single, “9000 Bissonnet”, for which todays video was shot, has climbed organically past 31K plays on Soundcloud in the few months since its release and his follow-up project, “Second Sunday”, is in the can and set for a September 29th release.

Produced by Anthem“9000 Bissonnet” is a slow-moving yet addictive track that moves at a pace that feels comfortable for an artist from Houston but, while Svn embraces, and embodies all thing H-town, his flow and lyrics cannot be boxed up quite so easily. Born in the infamous South Park area on Houston’s South Side, birthplace to legends like Scarface, Lil Keke and of not surprisingly, South Park Mexican, Svn has branched out, spread his wings and relocated to the South West side, a far more racially diverse area of town, but one with a less than stellar reputation. In the first paragraph of the area’s Wikipedia page, it reads, in part, …..The apartment complexes bordered by Southwest Freeway) and Bissonnet Road, including properties along Bellaire Boulevard and Gulfton Drive, are dense and known for crime…. Not to give the impression that South Park doesn’t have its own issues but Svn left his comfort zone, ‘where everybody knows your name’ and found himself alone, unknown and forced to fend for himself. “9000 Bissonnet” is that story.

“The song is about moving from South Park, Houston, Texas; where I knew everyone and felt safe to moving to the Southwest side of Houston were I didn’t know anyone and had to fend for myself. It’s a coming of age story…My inspiration for the video was showing that I AM the city of Houston and the city of Houston is ME. That’s why the intro scene is of me with Houston inside of my silhouette.” – Svn

Anyone who has ever been uprooted from everyone and everything they know and forced to start over in what could be considered a war zone, will be able to relate. Check out “9000 Bissonnet” after the jump.


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